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 I’m proud to say that the hand-wringing was all for naught as Millennials have proven themselves to be great thinkers and innovators with a tireless work ethic. Rather than relying on stereotypes, businesses are learning to empower their young workers to help fuel collaboration and game-changing ideas. The sooner you accommodate Millennials, the sooner they will make your business successful.”
–John Stephans (Wired)

My Business; GALAHAD PRODUCTIONS's Senior Marketing Strategists are all under 24. As the Owner and Founder of a massively successful Social Media, Viral Engineering and Video Production Company that makes me 10 years older than my best thinkers.

I'm over hiring adults with newer memories and no idea who certain musicians are; is your internet business over it?

Hiring Millennial’s = making more revenue, fresh ideas and a preternatural understanding of a swirling Net galaxy Generation Xr’s needed to learn.

Honestly? Fearing irreverent or lackadaisical attitudes towards deadlines or content, meetings or idea creation rarely lead anywhere but back where you started – in need of fresh blood.

Don't fear a lack of primary experience - give them primary experience on deferred pay if need be, no one will work harder or longer hours to impress.

Never judge a potential hire based on their FB presence. Remember, if Twitter is bumping into someone on the street? Face Book is a Cocktail Party. What were you like at parties when you were 21? Where you impressive? Most of us weren’t, thankfully a lot of us were very unimpressive before everyone had cell phones – let alone ones with cameras. (phew!)

Speaking of hardest working  .  .  . I asked a recent hire to update my social media posting time stats at 1:30am (I have many Intl. Clients) 22 min later – all done.
Not only done, but after a short bit of training, done exactly as I would have executed the same task.

- C.Zubryd
Galahad Productions

“TWITTER in the material world and FB is a material girl”

The game has certainly changed for Twitter: Only 1.5% of your day should be devoted to Tweeting or scheduling Tweets. That is to say, the minute you go over 2 hours a week? You're in need of some better time management. So making the BEST of that time is paramount.

Tweet 4 pieces of original relevant content from others and retweet 1 relevant tweet for EVERY self promoting tweet. It's called the 4-1-1 rule.

Twitter Tips We Should All Know: 

bitly makes smaller links than TinyURL.

“that” or “the” can often be omitted ... these are all obvious forms of spacial economy but just like your Lit Class in College, the shorter the assignment product, the more time it takes to construct a coherent message,
especially for conversion.

A plus sign or ampersand is economy.

Use a tool like Thsrs to find shorter versions of longer words.

I still find Direct Email Follow-Up to yield the highest conversion. It takes on average about 18 months for people to invest once they've shown interest. That means both the correct numbers and types of email as well as planning your client scheduling accordingly. I prefer once a month using the 9 Word email technique.

So does Mike Koenigs, but he's taken it to a whole new level of value:

"If you want to see the super-simple process and replay of the webinar, it's at

The summary of the strategy:
1. Use the 9 word email to invite a "dead" list to a live webinar
2. Teach something cool and useful to that audience
3. Use the same 9 word email to invite any of your other "dead" lists to opt-in for the replay
4. Drip great content on those leads...give them some great love!
5. Once you've built some trust and interest, you can monetize that new list!

Thanks again for "re-teaching" me this brilliant strategy Dean and Joe!


No matter the trends or the changes, the obstacles or the learning curve, still nothing beats Joel Bauer's advice: "No matter where we click from place to place, nothing beats face-to-face." Joel is a pioneer of truly giving yourself to someone else via marketing. His advice and wisdom from over 40 years was a gift that has yet to stop giving. Let's face it, Marketing Techniques haven't REALLY changed in about 150 years. So what separates you?


My Documentary; "The Pitch, Poker & the Public" is online for free as a resource because stars Joel Bauer and Jay Levinson. How much more wisdom could you get for free?

Watch how to market without losing your soul:

- C.Zubryd