Viral Video Success

I am the creator of the Viral Video "Your business card is CRAP!"

A viral video, engineered from "The Pitch, Poker & the Public"2,115,370 views at the time of this post.

Also at the time of this post, Funny or Die! has us trending well!

  Joel Bauer is a class act. As are you, and the producers at MTV I worked with to deliver a copy of the Viral Video were as well. T'was a pleasure.

(I am the Creator of the Viral Video featured, I lay no claim to the copyright for the Viacom owned, MTV Produced, Dyrdek-Driven TV show or its brand)

To watch the full documentary this Viral Video is a part of, scroll down to "The Pitch, Poker and the Public" below.

The Denver Egotist posted an article about The Pitch, Poker & the Public

As did Mark via Boing Boing

But Mike Haeg was first to link the Documentary to the viral clip:

Then Came TIME Magazine:,8599,1891285,00.html

Viral Video featured on Network TV, this time CBS.

I just wish they had spent more time on Joel, his skill set is invaluable. — 

in Los Angeles, CA. 2011 

Galahad Video Named Best Viral Video of the Year by Videogum.

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